Get Out of Your Own Way!

This fun and immersive 13-week group coaching experience is designed for women who are ready and committed to addressing the tricky and unseen obstacles female leaders encounter as they manage the responsibilities, decision-making and pressures associated with being a key influencer at home, in the workplace, and community.

Coach Tracey Knight provides a safe and confidential space, system of accountability and research supported method to help you overcome your fears, unleash your greatness, and build the capacity, character, and habits needed to play, enjoy, and win at the Game of Life and Leadership.

Isn’t it time to stop grinding and just going through the motions hoping that nothing drops or falls apart? Let me teach you how to take back your power and win in this game of life.

Length: 13-weeks


Where: My Self-Mastery Center and Zoom


How: Small groups of 4-10 people; Weekly 90-min sessions; 60-min Consultation; 3-hrs Conference



You will learn:

  • Discover your epic challenge and techniques to master it 


  • Reimagine yourself, life and how you contribute to the world


  • Overcome personal blind spots, excuses, and procrastination


  • Learn how to adapt and flourish in changing circumstance


  • Develop the ability to have difficult conversations and accept challenging realities


  • Make sound decisions with greater confidence


  • Measure and build the character of a trusted leader


  • Learn how to connect with and lead diverse personalities in all settings


  • Create the habits to better manage time, stress, and competing demands


  • Learn how to enjoy every minute of every experience

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Option 1:
GOYOW 13-wk Group Coaching Program
(Beginner Level)

Cost: $5,000  Limited time pricing - $2,500
August 3 - October 26, 2021

  • One-hour orientation


  • One-on-One Coaching session to identify your epic challenge


  • Eleven 90-min Group Coaching sessions


  • Weekly check-ins with an accountability partner


  • 1-month subscription, YDBG BALANCE app


  • Participant Playbook with at-home exercises to reinforce learning


  • Weekly motivations via MMS messaging


  • Graduation celebration


  • Copy of the book, It’s You Against You by Coach Tracey Knight


  • 20% off other products and services

Client Testimonial

Are you up for the challenge? See what Shamika Martin had to say about Get Out of Your Own Way! If you are an ambitious female professional, emerging leader, or entrepreneur that has grown tired of trying to figure it all out alone! Book a free call to learn more about our signature coaching program.

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